Thermal Underwear

Thermal Underwear

Thermal Underwear is one of the leading product line of Beta Textiles Co.,Limited. The company has accumulated great experience and ready mature materials for thermal underwear production.

  • More than 300 knitted fabrics from past production one type in one roll one color at least ready for designers to pick;
  • BTEXCO has been producing thermal underwear for countries in the north including Norway, Finland, Russia, Sweden, UK, Canada etc for more than 10 years;
  • BTEXCO uses special and professional equipment and machines for thermal underwear including Yamato flatlock sewing machines, automatic elastic band joining machines etc;
  • Workers in BTEXCO factory are stable with experience for thermal underwear to provide the best workmanshup and stitching.




By composition, ready and mature materials include:-

  • Polypropylene knitted fabrics;
  • Polyester fabrics;
  • Polyester/Polypropylene dual layer fabrics;
  • Merino wool fabrics;
  • Silk fabrics;
  • Acrylic/Viscose/Polyester blended fabrics.

Fabric functions include:-

  • Cold insulating;
  • Antimicrobial;
  • Moisture Management and Wicking;
  • Heat Absorption and far-infrared releasing.

Fabrics with different weight are available including heavy weight, middle weight and ligh weight.

BTEXCO is also able to devevelop fabrics according to buyers’ samples, technical specificatins or ideas.

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