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Corporate and Technical Data



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pdf performance-merino-wool-fabrics-hd Performance Merino Wool Fabrics
2 MB 2236
pdf Cooling-Fabrics-BTEXCO 2 MB 982
pdf Cottontek Fabric Cottontek Fabric
1 MB 5469
pdf Carbondry Technology Activatated Carbon Application on Fabrics
1 MB 5668
pdf KWIKWARM Technology Heat Absorption and Reservation Fabric Technology
6 MB 2462
pdf Bio-Graphene Enhanced Sportswear Sportswear made of graphene fabrics
8 MB 5717
pdf merino-wool-underwear-catalogue Merino Wool Underwear Catalogue
23 MB 5732
pdf moisture-management-solutions Moisture Management Solutions
740 KB 5506
pdf polypropylene-fabric Polypropylene Fabrics
264 KB 5751