Carbondry Fabrics




CARBONDRY is a new fabric production technology whereby activated carbon is infused on polyester fiber to provide cotton hand feel, odor release, moisture management and UV protection features.

Based on Gas Chromatography, the Odor Reduction Rate is as high as 97%, higher than most similar products in the market.


  • Cotton hand feel;
  • Cost will be the same as polyester fabrics;
  • Stronger than 100% cotton fabrics, capable of being used for sportswear; 100% cotton fabrics are not strong enough to be used as sportswear fabric;
  • Excellent anti-odor performance;
  • Permanently antimicrobial;
  • Excellent moisture management performance;
  • UV Protective;
  • Warmer than normal polyester fabrics.


The new technology:

Nano-grade carbonized natural plant powder is applied by special engineering processes onto greige fabric. By the work of heat, the activated carbon will infuse with the polyester yarn permanently;


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